"Do you need someone to provide a professional unbiased look at your manuscript?"

The Eyes for Editing provides our customers with professional, quality book proofreading and editing services.

Book Formatting Service

Stop wasting your time messing with CreateSpace or Lightning Source.  Stop battling format adjustments like margins, headers, footers, graphics and the Table of Contents.  I can quickly get your book in tip-top shape and ready for print or ebook!  Create your story, relax, and look forward to painless formatting!


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Content Editing Service

My role as a content editor is to evaluate the organization of the work and provide fresh eyes. I will look at what aspects of your manuscript are working well and what should be changed to make it even better.

The content editing process precedes copy editing, which is about refining and polishing your manuscript. The final step is proofreading, making sure every single sentence in your entire work is error-free.

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Proofreading Services

Let your writing flow, without stopping to worry about the formatting.

I will catch your spelling errors, missing words, punctuation or grammar mistakes.  When I proof your manuscript, I take care of any formatting problems or other general issues that can come up during the writing process.

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