Professional Editing services to take your project to the next level.

Looking for a way to make your work stand out from all the other books being released daily?  The proper editing will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. I can take your manuscript and make it shine.  Bad editing or no editing can kill your readers’ reviews.  Strive for a 5-star rating and place your beloved manuscript in my hands.

The Eyes for Editing offers the types of services that will polish your novel, novella, short story, contest submission, or magazine entry into everything you want it to be. From copy editing to formatting, I offer a full spectrum of services that can be custom tailored to your latest project. I know how much passion and hard work you have put into your manuscript, and I promise to give it the attention and care that it deserves. Do you hate formatting? Dread looking at margins, headers, footers or just loathe formatting in general? I will take your manuscript and format it for eBook publishing or print. Check out my book formatting services.

I know how you want to see your dream come true.

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