Book Formatting FAQs

What is the process of bringing a polished, professional look to your manuscript for Ebook or Print?

First, you will need to send me a copy of your manuscript as a Microsoft word document, as an email attachment.  Please remove all prior formatting in the document.  Make sure you have all of your front material included: copyright page, dedications, and acknowledgements.


I will need to know a few details in order to get started on your manuscript.

-Are there any special formatting specifications that you would like to see?

-Do you want your title headings left justified or centered?  Do you want them in bold or italicized?

– Do you want your scene breaks to have symbols or just an extra break or two?  “***” or “###” or something similar? Do you have another graphic you want used instead?

– Do you have graphics that you want added in anywhere? If you do, you will need to provide them. Make sure you retain the rights to use these graphics.

– Do you want your table of contents to have the numbers spelled out or written numerically?

– Do you want it formatted for Smashwords?  If so I will need to have the phrasing you would like for the copyright page as well as the license agreement.  If you do not provide it, I will use the generic version I have on file.


The Cover

I will also need the cover for your eBook. Please send as a .jpeg or .png image.

For Printed Manuscripts:

– Do you want all of your chapters to start on an odd or even page number throughout the whole book, or if you just want it to continually flow so there are no blank pages?

– What fonts would you like used on your title page, copyright page, body of the text, and chapter headings?

– Where do you want your page numbers and do you want a heading on each page?

– Do you have any graphics that you want included and where? You will need to provide these. Make sure you retain rights to use these graphics.

– Do you want a Table of Contents included? (In a fiction book, this is generally not included unless it is an anthology.)


Changes or additions:

When I am working with you, it is in your best interest to provide me with every detail possible.  I will guide you through the process and use my professional judgement to make sure your manuscript is completely polished when I am done with it.  It is essential that we are completely finished with the editing process prior to formatting your manuscript, as it will save you money in the long run.  Changes made to spelling,  grammar, or word order after formatting is done will incur a reformatting charge.  If you decide later on that you would like to adjust the layout or include additional graphics, you may, but a reformatting charge will also apply.