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Amy Eye

The Eyes for Editing OwnerZombie lover, gaming freak, and book addict. I’m also a freelance editor who specializes in fiction writing. 

I’d been writing stories from the time I learned how to make marks on paper mean something.  As I got older, I learned the pleasure of helping someone take what they love and make it better by ensuring all the questions were answered,  all the rules were followed, and the characters made sense.  I enjoyed this because I get to share my time and my work with someone else.

I now have the job of my dreams.  I take your wonderful thoughts, ideas, and creations and take them to a whole new level.  You know, as an author, that you cannot always catch your own errors.  You love your characters too much; you know the story too well.  That is what I am here to help with – to make sure that everyone gets to see the story you envisioned come to life.

Now, let me help you take your manuscript to the next level. Let me take your story and polish it into the diamond you already know it is! Remember it IS YOUR STORY – I will just make it shine!!



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