Who is The Eyes for Editing?

Amy Huntley (Eye)

Zombie lover, gaming freak, and book addict. I’m also a freelance editor who specializes in fiction writing. 

There is something truly special and rewarding about what I do. Not only do I help edit your manuscript, I get to see you grow as a writer, whether you have been doing this your whole life or are starting out fresh. I watch new ideas take shape, I see the growth in the writing styles, and I experience the joy of an author who no longer hates the editing process (it really can happen…).

My clients aren’t just clients. I work with most of them closely enough that it becomes more than that. We become a team. And I think that is important in this day and age. To develop a working relationship with someone who has your back. Someone you can trust to be real with you.

My motto is always strive for more. Be the best you can be.


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