Book Formatting Services

Book Formatting Services for Authors

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You have completed your manuscript and have completed the proofreading process, and now you are ready to publish your book. The format of your book or eBook must be correct for the retailer(s) you will use.
 Many authors struggle with the book formatting process. It is a bit technical, and probably the least fun of any aspect of preparing your book for publication. The Eyes for Editing is here to help!

How Book Formatting Services Can Help

By completing the book formatting process for you, I can help to ensure that your completed work is ready for any publishing format you choose, whether you are self-publishing through Amazon, or preparing your manuscript for a professional publishing house. There are a number of services like Amazon’s self-publishing service and others, such as Smashwords. If you have settled on one of these, I can help you sort through the requirements of that service.

There are a number of important considerations when you are choosing your book format.

Publishing Format:

  • Do you want to publish as an eBook only, as a printed book, or both?

Book Design (Print Book)

There are a number of things that I will need to know when you ask for a book to be formatted for print.  Please feel free to copy and paste this list in an email to answer all the questions.

  • Do you have your ISBN numbers?
  • Do you have a copyright page and other front matter (Dedication, Acknowledgements, etc)?
  • Graphics for chapter headings or scene breaks?
  • What symbols are to be used for scene breaks?
  • Preference for font size, font used?
  • Most commonly used fonts:

  • Where do you want the chapter headings to start? Near the top? A third of the way down?
  • Do you want the chapters to start on the odd numbered pages, even if it means a blank page inserted, or continuous?
  • Do you want a different font used for chapter headings?
  • Author page? Author pic?
  • What book size do you plan on publishing with (5×8, 6×9, etc)?
  • Where do you want your page numbers and do you want a heading on each page?
  • What content would you like in your headers and footers?
  • Do you want the chapter numbers spelled out or in numerals? (Print or eBook)
  • Do you want a Table of Contents included? (In a fiction book, this is generally not included unless it is an anthology or children’s book.)



Illustrations and Graphics:

  • Do you have photographs, illustrations, graphs, figures or tables to include?
  • Are the illustrations ready, in the proper format, and well-marked in the text?
  • Do you have the rights to these photos or graphics?

eBook Formatting Questions:

  • Do you want embedded hyperlinks (be sure to include the proper URL)?
  • Is your book cover design complete?

I will go over each of these and other important choices with you and provide all the guidance you need, as a part of my book formatting services. Once you have made all the selections on your book’s size and printing options, I will be ready to complete the book formatting process, and will handle all the technical aspects of your book or eBook formatting for you.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Book Formatting

To complete the book formatting services for you, I will need the following items:

  1. Your book manuscript in Microsoft Word format, with all prior formatting removed.
  2. All graphics in .jpeg or .png format.
  3. Your book cover design in .jpeg or .png format.

What Is the Best Way to Submit Your Book Materials?

The best way to submit your work is to email me all of the needed materials in one fully loaded email.  Include the manuscript, all required information about the layout of the book, and all graphics or illustrations you would like in the book (again – please be sure you hold all rights to any images or graphics).

Another way you would be able to do this is to send me, by registered mail, a thumb drive with all of the materials needed for your book. Do not send the originals, only copies, please!

Changes or Additions:

When I am working with you, it is in your best interest to provide me with every detail of your needs. I will guide you through the process and use my professional judgment to make sure your manuscript is completely polished when I am done with it. It is essential that we are completely finished with the editing process prior to formatting your manuscript, as it will save you money in the long run. Changes made to spelling, grammar, or word order after formatting is done will incur a reformatting charge. If you decide later on that you would like to adjust the layout or include additional graphics, you may, but a reformatting charge will also apply.

Ready to Publish Your Book or eBook?

At this point you may be feeling quite overwhelmed by the technical details and requirements involved in publishing your book. My role, in providing your editing and/or book formatting services, is to take the stress out of getting your book from completed manuscript to published masterpiece. You have done all the creative work of getting words on the page. I can help you with any and all phases of the finalizing process to ensure that your work is complete and professional.

If you need help uploading your books to various websites, I can walk you through the process for most of the booksellers, or I can set the accounts up for you.  Rates for this service are determined on a per-project basis.


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Please feel free to contact me with your questions or a request  a quote. I look forward to hearing from you.