Content Editing

Content Editing Services for Fiction and Non-Fiction Manuscripts

Thank you for considering my services for your content editing needs and other eBook services. Content editing, also known as “substantive editing,” is the first editing phase once you have completed the full draft of your manuscript and are preparing your work for publication. Whether you are self-publishing or working with a publishing house, I can help.

My role as a content editor is to evaluate the organization of the work and provide fresh eyes. I will look at what aspects of your manuscript are working well and what should be changed to make it even better.

The content editing process precedes copy editing, or the refining and polishing of your manuscript. The final step is proofreading, which is about making sure every single sentence in your entire work is error-free.

Revising and Editing for Substance and Flow

Whether you are planning to hire me as your professional content editor or you want to take this on yourself, content editing is a critical step in the finalizing of your completed manuscript. This process is about revising and editing the work to take it from good to great. Content editing can make the difference between a ho-hum novel and a tour de force. It can make or break the impact a book has on its readers.

Non-fiction Content Editing

Imagine for a moment that you are a professional speaker. You are building an audience for your speaking and training worldwide, and you are coming out with your first groundbreaking book on the critical concepts you teach that help businesses to grow their market from a dribble to a tsunami.

Your book is one of the vehicles that will get you noticed and will make people want to pay you thousands of dollars to come and educate their teams in France, Hong Kong and Belize. It has a title and a book cover design that is attention-grabbing and makes readers thirst for its wisdom.

But… your manuscript is not organized well for the audience. The concepts and ideas are hard to follow. Revising and editing the book so that the quality of writing and flow of concepts have the greatest impact can take the book to the next level.

Should team building be moved after re-organizing for success? Are all sections in each chapter pertinent to the chapter’s goals, and is each well-written and engaging? Content editing will create the optimal flow and enhance the voice of your work, so that people will be writing rave reviews.

Fiction Content Editing 

With fiction, content editing is all about enhancing the plot and ensuring that the flow of your storyline works. Perhaps certain events happen too soon to build suspense effectively. Maybe some important character development is missing and one of the key characters is lacking dimension. Sometimes I may find that well-built tension is snapped unexpectedly by odd phrasing or a character action that does not make sense at that point in the book.

As your content editor, I pay close attention to how your story unfolds. I evaluate whether characters are strong and believable, and how the things they do and say help to build the storyline toward its denouement. Is it plausible, engaging and satisfying to read? Regardless of whether you have written a romance novel, a suspenseful thriller or a sci-fi work, does the novel have a consistent mood that is carried throughout?

By asking these questions, I can help you to turn out your best work. I will make suggestions as to how revising and editing here and there can make your plot more effective and your characters more full of life so you will leave your readers wanting more.

Content Editing for Publishing Houses

In addition to working directly for authors, I also work for book publishers who have engaged authors with a publishing contract. I tailor my content editing, copy editing and proofreading services to the needs and specifications of the publishing house.

If you have editing needs, I encourage you to contact me  so we can discuss how I can help.


My Style and Spelling Guidelines

I use the Chicago Manual of Style as my guide.  All rules will be followed according to their guidelines.

Spellings are all checked against the Unabridged Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.



Content editing services are approximately .015 a word. This is only a guide, the price may be higher or lower, but on average, you can expect a price around this range. Contact me for a sample edit for an exact quote.


A Note About the Editing Process

Although you have been through the editing process, I cannot, nor can any other editor, promise that your manuscript will be completely error free. Proper editing takes more than one pass on more than one level. Even if you do not use my team for every step of the editing process, I encourage every author to have their manuscript edited on as many levels as they can prior to publication whether you plan on self-publishing or sending it off for traditional publication.

This also does not ensure  that your book will sell, make millions, make you stronger, get your name on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly, get your dog to like you more or be picked up by a publishing house.