Once your book has been copy edited, and you have fully incorporated the edits and smoothed over any final changes, the next step toward publication is proofreading. This phase is about catching any overlooked errors, such as a misspelled word, missing or repeated words, or a missing period.

This final stage is very important as it is the final pass on your manuscript before your readers dive into the world you have created for them. If you choose to hire The Eyes for Editing for your final proofread, we will complete the final book editing phase for you with a keen eye.

Tip: Somewhere along the way, you will need a book cover design. Depending upon the cover designer’s turn-around time, you may need to get started on this phase months in advance.

The very last step to prepare your book or eBook for publishing is book formatting. In this process, your book will be prepared with the right margins and other specifications to match your book printing size.

I will be happy to go over any of these processes with you in detail. Simply contact me for additional information.


My Style and Spelling Guidelines

I use the Chicago Manual of Style as my guide.  All rules will be followed according to their guidelines.

Spellings are all checked against the Unabridged Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.



Proofreading services  are approximately .005 a word. This is only a guide, the price may be higher or lower, but on average, you can expect a price around this range. Contact me for a sample edit for an exact quote.



A Note About the Editing Process

Although you have been through the editing process, I cannot, nor can any other editor, promise that your manuscript will be completely error free. Proper editing takes more than one pass on more than one level. Even if you do not use my team for every step of the editing process, I encourage every author to have their manuscript edited on as many levels as they can prior to publication whether you plan on self-publishing or sending it off for traditional publication.

This also does not ensure  that you book will sell, make millions, make you stronger, get your name on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly, get your dog to like you more or be picked up by a publishing house.