In this brave, new world of digital eBook publishing, it helps to have steady, skilled pros on your side. Amy Eye has a double-barreled skillset: not only can she format your manuscript — quickly and correctly — for any online bookstore, she’ll proof it, too, so that it’s typo-free as well as beautiful. Authors, trust me: she is worth every penny.”-
(soon to be a television series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer).

You wouldn’t want to throw a party without cleaning the house and you wouldn’t want to put out a book without a great editor. I was in need of another pair of eyes and luckily crossed paths with Amy. I would say Amy goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of her clients’ work, but with Amy, all of the bells and whistles are par for the course. She takes the time to explain in detail what your novel does and doesn’t need. Whether you’re looking for a substantial overhaul or a copy-edit, her services are invaluable and her advice priceless. I cannot rave enough about what a kind and knowledgeable person she is.Her thoughtful detail to edits have improved my novels tenfold. From now on, I’m placing all of my paper children in her reliable hands.”

- Addison Moore Author of   The Celestra Series

 “I wholeheartedly recommend Amy Eye. She’s professional, organized, and most of all extremely capable. I didn’t have to stress over my project, I knew it would be done right–and it was. Amy Eye exceeded my expectations.”
- Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author 

“When I made the decision to self-publish, my greatest concern was how to handle the impact the process would have on my existing deadlines while still being certain the end product would be high quality.  Writing in two genres, with multiple publishers, my deadlines are constant and I simply didn’t have the luxury of missing one because I spent a month editing, revising, formatting, or uploading my self-published novel.  …With a vested interest in quality without sacrificing speed, … worked around my schedule, met my deadlines, and respected my plans to have the book launched on a specific day.  In addition, (she)  provided superior quality editing, an experienced eye for the process, and, best of all, they deeply cared about the success of the project. Every email was responded to within hours, if not minutes, every query and question was answered (without ever making me feel clueless), and every concern was addressed in a clear and thorough manner.  By its very definition, “independent publishing” is a solitary and daunting task, … I felt like I had a true team of positive, smart, delightful professionals who saved me time, ushered me through the process, and cheered for the book’s success.” 

-Roxanne St. Claire, author,  Space in His Heart  New York Times Best-Selling Author


“I was blown away by Amy Eye’s fabulous services; she’s not only absolutely professional and thorough, but she made the entire process easy and headache-free. I would highly recommend her to any writer who wants to make sure their manuscript is professionally proofread and formatted. She is, quite simply, the best.”

-Toni McGee Causey, author, Bobbi Faye novels



“Amy Eye has the eagle eye for detail!  She was amazing to work with. It’s nice to know there are still good, old fashioned pros in the business.”

-Karen Tabke, author, Blood Sword Legacy Series



“This recommendation is long overdue. Amy is a consummate professional with superb technical skills and a passion for detail. She has edited and/or formatted several pieces for me, including two novels that went on to be nominated for major awards. If you are looking for someone who can help bring your book to the next level, Amy is that person.”

-JG Faherty, author of several horror novels, short stories, and anthologies




“Professional athletes are taught to perform under pressure through intense training, but Ms. Amy Eye, on the other hand, simply has the innate inborn skill to do just that.  When I gave her my book to edit, the clock was ticking fast towards the deadline, but a very composed and positive Ms. Eye went to work like a skilled surgeon and with precise editing procedures underwent a very successful life-saving operation on my book.  She gave my book a complete makeover!”
-E.J. Dabel, author of Pantheons and Albino 
Co-owner of Dabel Brothers Productions LLC

“I was referred to Amy Eye by the editor of a friend. I was impressed with her prompt, professional attitude, flexibility, and enthusiasm. In fact, I was so pleased with her proofreading and formatting work on my first book, A Hidden Fire, that I asked her to copy-edit, proofread, and format my second book, This Same Earth, almost immediately. I’ve already booked her for my third book in February. I’ve gotten many compliments on how clean my books are, visually and grammatically, and I think Amy deserves a lot of the credit. I’m always impressed by how quickly she responds if I have a problem, and I’ll definitely be using her in the future.”

-Elizabeth Hunter, author, Elemental Mysteries



Amy is a gem. She took on the task of formatting my second novel, Mortal Defiance, last minute and did a superb job. She made sure that I was happy with the finished project and kept me updated as she completed each portion. If you are looking for someone that is professional, friendly, and efficient, Amy Eye is your person.”

-Nichole Chase, author, Dark Betrayal Trilogy


“Every novel has a story behind it. Some of them have an easy gestation and are released into the wild without problems. Others take years to be completed and leave the authors’ minds in a shambles.
The Priest belongs to the category of the stories that almost didn’t get published at all. Amy worked on The Priest as my third editor, and she has been a pleasure to deal with. Amy’s dedication and work ethic is the reason why I felt confident to let my little novel out of the safety of my computer. She is now editing the second book in The Ginecean Chronicles, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the depth of her editing passes. I look forward to reading her notes and corrections and I wait for her emails with great anticipation.”

-Monica LaPorta, author, The Priest and Pax in the Land of Women


“I’ve used Eyes for Editing for my last two books, and there will be more. Working with Amy was easy, she was very prompt and professional in every way. You can’t discount the value of having your book professionally edited and formatted, and she provides a great service.”​

-David Tindell, author, The White Vixen Series & Quest for Honor and Quest for Vengeance





“Amy definitely has “the eyes” for editing. When I sent her my manuscript I thought it was perfect, I had already had it edited once, and I thought she wouldn’t find a thing wrong and tell me what a genius I was. Well, I was wrong. An unfortunate turn of events. But, this was one time I was glad to be wrong because the things she found and suggested turned my manuscript into a complete package. It went from what I thought of as perfect to stellar. She was so easy to work with and willing to talk through any and all changes that she suggested. We laughed just as much as we edited, and, in the end, my book was better than I hoped it could be, but it was still mine. My voice shined through every single page and I feel that it represents me and my work to a “T”. If you have never edited before or are editing for the tenth time, Amy is the editor for you. You will be challenged to think of things as you never have before and your writing skills will improve. She isn’t just an editor, she’s a cheerleader, a colleague and someone who wants to see your book be the best it can be. If you’re serious about your book, hire Amy. I’ll never hire anyone else.”

-Cambria Hebert, author, Heven and Hell Series



“It’s an author’s job to write… but when it comes to graphic design for cover art, or formatting a book for e-publication, I must admit to being totally clueless. FATTY PATTY was my first novel and my first taste of the world of independent publishing. I knew going in I would not be able to handle the technical part of things. I needed a solid team of professionals behind me: someone to handle the graphic arts cover design, an editor to fine-tune the manuscript, and someone with a fine eye for detail and an absolute knowledge of the ins and outs of the wild wacky world of formatting. Thank God I was referred to Amy Eye! She took hold of the manuscript and virtually held my hand (through cyber-space) every single step of the process. Amy’s turn-around time was amazing, and she was an absolute dream to work with. When a problem arose, Amy was right there with a solution and a quick easy fix. I couldn’t be more pleased with Amy’s work and I heartily recommend her. If you’re in need of a consummate professional with an eye for editing and formatting, look no further than Amy Eye!”

-Kathleen Irene Paterka, author of FATTY PATTY (A James Bay Novel)


“Thanks to Amy, my editor.  She’s spoiled me!
Her help in pointing out mistakes when I was too caught up to notice them
and her encouragement have made this book what it is”

-Ron C. Nieto, Author Silent Song

Blog:  Stories of my life

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/RonCNieto 

“I am so pleased with Amy’s editing work. I had it edited once prior by another editing company. Amy found so many typos that the original editor missed!  She took the time to suggest other options for some awkward phrasing at no extra charge.  She is an author’s BEST FRIEND. A true pleasure to do business with! I really appreciate the affordability and her incredible expertise.”

-Peggy Trentini, author of Once Upon a Star

Television and TV actress, Model Also check writingservicesreviews.org facebook page for writing services reviews



Amy Eye is an absolute joy to work with.  She’s a valuable asset to any writer and makes the whole process of editing as painless as possible while being supremely productive.  I’d never worked with an editor before, and after working with Amy, I will look no further for an editor.  She’s very thorough and professional, editing the work with great effectiveness and working with the author to make sure he or she can best express themselves correctly and artfully.  Her steadfast dedication and skill as an editor allows an author to create a written work that can truly be taken seriously by a publisher; giving them the best foot forward when it comes to achieving success as an author.  I highly recommend her skills and talent–you will never come across a more dedicated editor.”

-S. Patrick Pothier, author,  “The Road to Comfort”



“Amy is a fantastic editor!  She has a wonderful eye (no pun intended ) for the big and small things.  She gives you a whole new perspective and offers suggestions politely, all while allowing you to keep YOUR voice in the writing.  I highly recommend her services.  You will not be disappointed!”

-Cassie McCown, author,  “The  Mirror”



“As an author I love the creative part of writing, but I hate the editing process.  When I was searching for an editor, I knew my story needed something more than just an English teacher that could fix my broken grammar.  Thank God I found Amy! Not only did she help with the grammar, but she worked with me to fine tune the flow, found a few hidden plot inconsistencies which I had missed, and she did it all with an enthusiastic, supportive flair.  After working with Amy, I was confident that my novel was a complete, polished product ready to be published.  Now I use Amy for all my short stories too.  I highly recommend Amy for any and all writing projects.  Your stories will be better off for it.”

-Richard Phelan, author, The Colleen Colgan Chronicles




“… it just looks wonderful.  I love your comments, and it was particularly helpful to know just where you solved one of the mysteries It was thrilling to see where you, as a reader, reacted to the story with amusement, shock, outrage, etc.,  and made the whole writing process feel much less lonely. In short, it appears to me you went far above and beyond the call of duty and I just can’t thank you enough. A good editor/copy editor is EVERYTHING when a writer goes independent, and frankly, if I had known that editors like you were available I might have done it much sooner. … you were worth every penny.  Really, this experience has just been flawless. I’m sure you stay fully booked, but I will happily recommend you to anyone in need of editing services.”

-Donna Ball, author, The Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series


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